Beyond Wildspace

Spelunking in Mithrilheart

In which goblins are fought

A second pot of flaming oil crashed among the party as they retreated from the storage room. These goblin raiders had no interested in parley as Qhell is grazed by a crossbow bolt. McGruff leads the charge into the room, quickly followed by Morgack who beings striking down goblins with eldritch blast.  Agnur and Monk, board with guarding the entrance arrive a minute later and enter the fray.  The goblins and their boss go down shortly after, leaving scorching and scars on several members of the team. Corpses are looted and the room is searched.  McGruff finds four barrels of blasting powder while Morgack's keen eyes find a hidden vault door behind a rack of shelves with three key slots.  With a magical ghost hand, Morgack uses the vault key they were given in one of the slots. A shower of steel spears slam down from the ceiling smashing some equipment and shelves in front of the door. Further testing show that a single key will not be enough to open the door.

Armed with supplies the group returns to the sealed door to the Gormak the Geomancer's room. For the next four hours. McGuff, Monk and Agnur use up most of the blasting powder and a variety of construction materials to blow open the door, smash open the smaller lock box and damage the locking mechanism on the rune covered strongbox. McGruff opens the rune-covered box only to trigger another trap, scorching him and Agnur with electricity.  After all is said and done, the party comes away with some gold and another vault key.  The search of Gormak's room confirms suspicions that something strange happened in the mine 80 years ago, with some new kind of gem or crystal being discovered. Ghell takes a sample and Morgack grabs a magical onyx stone hot plate.

The group moves on to clear the rest of the habitation level of the mine.  McGruff, out to settle a score with the Darkmantles in one of the bunk rooms, throws open the door and throws in the last keg of blasting powder.  The resulting explosion wrecks room and creature alike. Monk takes a close inspection of the darkmantle viscera, finds evidence of coarse hair and humanoid teeth incorporated into the flesh. The team moves on to clear out the galley or inn for the mine, finding another strange grey-skinned dwarf killed by goblins as well as a magical key that produces beer, which seems to be damaged.

At this point the team decides to descend into the depths of the mine.  Qhell and Morgack stealthily climb down the ropes down one of the shafts while Agnur and McGruff investigate the control mechanisms.  The advance team gets to the bottom safely and hears signs of a battle.  Opening a hatch in some kind of elevator cart they find a couple goblins messing with mechanics and a variety of other goblins in a room fighting more of those strange dwarves and some bizarre lizard-like bird creatures. Qhell and Morgack enter the battle and Monk descends the ropes. McGruff and Agnur being operating the crank to bring up the elevator car. Morgack blasts a lizard creature with magic and Qhell does some damage before being struck hard with a crossbow bolt and getting knocked unconscious.  The actions of the party's two large folk fail to take into account the brake being set in the elevator cart, causing the ropes to tense and eventually tear out half of the roof of the cart and send the ropes flying up the shaft, narrowly missing Zolar.  Morgack and Monk kill two of the lizard creatures, the orc leader is turned to stone and several goblins are killed by both the group and the dwarves. Giving up on the smart plan, both Agnur and McGruff descend the ropes to enter the fray with the dwarf creatures and goblins, Agnur taking a turn to stabilize Ghell. With the arrival of McGruff, two of the dwarves suddenly enlarge to 10' tall and start swing their mining tools in devastating arcs. McGruff goes down in the battle while Agnur takes down one of the dwarfs.  A few minutes later the battle ends.  The last two dwarves turn invisible and retreat into the darkness of the mine tunnels.  The team rallies together and tries to decide what to do next.




  • Morgack tried using the vault key in all 3 of the holes
  • McGruff found another different looking vault key in the rune covered strongbox
  • Morgack finds another journal in one of the barracks rooms in which a soldier talks about the strange goings on in the mine and how Gormak was acting strangely
  • Qhell attempted to talk to the dwarves telepathically but once connected he only received painful static noise in his brain
  • Qhell and McGruff are both conscious though hurt.
  • The elevator cart is now unusable 




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